It’s a HOT one!!!

It has been hella hot here in Boston.  Not to complain as it is summer and I should cherish the hot weather while we have it.  But DAMN, it was HOT and this weather didn’t make the interview I had easy to get ready for.

The day of my interview it was 98 degrees and 80% humidity and I was faced with a dilemma.  How do I look good and put together for an interview when any attempt to blow-dry and straighten my hair would have been futile.  I had visions of Sybil Sheppard’s look dancing through my head.

What to do, what to do!!!  Off to Pinterest I went where I found the Sock Bun pin I had posted.  

Perfect for the hot weather and the dress I was wearing.

End result was a great professional look that worked well for with the weather and my interview. 

Even more fun where the curls I had when I took my hair down that night.  Totally different look for day to evening with little effort.

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