Damn That Was Easy!

My favorite pizza’s is the Formaggio Bianco from Regina Pizzaria here in Boston.  The thing I love most about it is the ricotta they use.  It has a creamy goodness I have never been able to duplicate myself with anything I have purchased.  Well that is all in the past because I have learned how to make creamy, yummy ricotta from scratch.  Thank you Pinterest!

Ok, I can see you rolling your eyes and hear you saying “Really Danielle, are you kidding me.  You want us to make cheese.  How about we grab that cow out back and start churning the butter.” I know, I know, seems ridiculous and way to time consuming and difficult.  But I promise, it is soooo easy.  If you know how to boil water, you can make fresh ricotta.  It is really only 5 little steps.

1.  Put milk in pot to heat with vinegar and salt.  The recipe only asks for 2 cups milk but after reading comments I found it doesn’t make much Ricotta.  I used 4 cups of whole milk and 4 tbsp. vinegar and 1/2 tsp. salt.  You can also use low fat or skim milk in order to cut some of the fat.

2.  Heat milk to approximately 165 – 180 degrees.  Or if your like me and don’t want to bother with a thermometer, heat till it starts to bubble on the sides.  You will see the milk has started to look like it curdled.  Don’t panic!  This is good.

3. Strain milk through colander and cheesecloth into a bowl separating the whey from your fresh ricotta.

4. Let the Ricotta strain for about 15 to 20 minutes but not longer.  You don’t want the cheese to be too dry.

5. You now have yummy, creamy fresh ricotta and so many possibilities.

I decided to add lemon zest, sea salt and olive oil to this batch of ricotta and use as the base for some fab sandwiches.  Perfect picnic lunch for a boat ride with my favorite pup.

(sandwich recipe posting coming soon)

Recipe Source:  Serious Seats

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