Not Your Grandma’s Plate Wall

When I moved into my apartment I was not thrilled with the idea of having my washing machine hook up in the kitchen.  That is the thing with older apartments – they have some great character and some not so great character, such as your appliances in the oddest of places.  But hey, it is a small price to pay for not being relegated to the laundromat.

With the washer in the kitchen, this left me with a strip of blank wall – my challenge was to make it visually appealing so I could forget the ugly washing machine under it.  It also needed to coordinate with the curtains I had made from a table cloth and was so proud of.  Nothing seemed to work.  Pictures, shelving, it was not complimenting the curtains or able to hold up to the spin cycle vibrations from the washer below.

Then I came across this picture of inspiration on Pinterest from the blog mmmcrafts.

This was not Grandma’s plate wall showing off commemorative Wizard the Oz plates ordered from QVC that was next to the spoon rack of collectable teaspoons from various vacations.  This plate wall, however, was whimsical and fun – everything I wanted in the style of my kitchen.  It was the perfect economical solution for my blank wall problem.  But could it handle the spin cycle?

With the idea in mind, I immediately set out to look for interesting plates that coordinated with my style and color theme.  With trips to World Market, Home Goods, and Pier One under my belt, I had nine plates (each for under $5) in hand.  I had my wall – all for approximately $50!  Design dilemma was solved leaving room for me to add more plates to the collection.  And thanks to the plate hangers I found, no plate casualties have been caused by the dreaded spin cycle!

Since finding my plate wall inspiration, I have seen many more fantastic ideas pop up.  Plates aren’t just for the kitchen, they can really add some great texture and design to any part of your home.  He are some additional samples you might also find inspiring.

Wooden Cutting Boards – Great contrast against the blue

This is wallpaper – Amazing for a small focal wall

Modern and Chic

The layered look

A modern take on Fornasetti’s plates

Source:  MoxieQDown and Out ChicsDishfunctional DesignsThe Nesting GameSweet Home Style

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