First Days Of School Memories

Recently, my mom called me all excited about the treasure she had found as she was cleaning out the basement.  She had found a list of questions I had answered in pre-school among a pile of school relics she had held onto.  A list of cute and funny answers to questions about family, friends and favorite toys from the perspective of my 3 year old self.  It was interesting to hear how I answered basic questions and what was important to me at the time.  A wonderful treasure and worthy of being held onto for sure.

Full Circle Events


18 pt
18 pt


It got me to thinking about school memories and preserving them for the future. Maybe this thought process is even more heightened as it is “Back To School” season and everywhere I turn people are preparing to send their children off to school.  My Facebook feed is a flutter of first day of school pictures and these past few week’s shifts at Pottery Barn Kids have been jammed with families picking out backpacks and lunch pails or testing out new desks and chairs to prepare for the homework soon to be coming their way. 

I thought it would be fun to gather some of my favorite ideas on how to preserve your children’s personal histories.  Gifts they will surely treasure one day.  

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! – I Love this idea!  Secretly ask each of your son or daughter’s teachers to write a message to your child in a copy of Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Suess.  Then give it as a gift on their graduation day.  I actually gave this gift to a friend for her son’s first birthday and I look forward to watching him receive it at his graduation.


Combining a snap shot of the first day of school to a questionnaire is an adorable idea.

Group Shot!!!

First day and last day pictures are a wonderful idea to see how they have grown and changed over the school year.

Here are some printable resources you can use to easily capture your own memories year after year.

Signs from How Does She

I really like this printable I found on Pinterest.  Unfortunately I can’t find the original source but you should be able to copy and paste this picture into word or power point to print. 

These questionnaire forms are from leelou blogs.  They are designed for birthdays but I think you could use them for the first day of school as well.

Too much adorableness!  Enjoy the memories.

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