Sometimes You Just Need A Little Chocolate

Ever have one of those evenings?  You know, the one where you can’t squelch your craving for chocolate.  You try to ignore it but this little voice in your head just keeps chanting CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE…..

Yeah, that was me last night.  After a rough couple of days, I was dying for a bit of chocolate.  Trying to fight the craving, I held off ’til about, hmm, 9:00 pm.  Yup, it finally got the best of me.  Realizing I was out of my stash of Hershey’s dark chocolate nuggets I keep in the freezer specifically for this reason and no other chocolate source in site, it was looking dire and my chocolate monster was getting louder and louder.  Going out for a chocolate run that late at night was a disaster of over indulgence waiting to happen and something I wanted to avoid at all cost.

Then ding – I remembered a Pinterest post I had seen come past my feed numerous times.  It was for brownies in a cup – quick, microwaved, single serving brownies – perfect for a chocolate craving and since it is just one serving it was not going to lead to a chocolate breakdown.  SOLD!!!

After a quick Pinterest search, I found what I was looking for.  There were a number of postings but I settled on a recipe from Treasures and Travels Blog.  A simple recipe made from basic pantry items and only one minute cooking time in the microwave, I was psyched to check it out and hoping this was the answer to my prayers.

3 Minute Brownie In A Cup

I was a bit skeptical and nervous it wouldn’t be good envisioning a rubbery cake from the microwave.  But nope, it was a perfect moist brownie constancy.  One change I did make was to use 2 Tbsp of coffee instead of water – you can use leftover coffee from the morning or make a bit of instant coffee.  I always find a touch of coffee adds great flavor to chocolate baked goods.

Topped with a dollop of whipped cream, it totally hit the spot without the risk of overindulgence and no pesky leftovers to temp me later.

What is your favorite way to quench a chocolate craving?

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