Are You Registered To Vote???

After last nights debates, I thought the best thing I could do today was encourage you to vote.  Recipes on the awesome pumpkin curry I made for dinner or my hunt for a new winter jacket can wait.  No matter what your political views are, the most important thing you can do this fall is vote and encouraging you to do so is the most important thing I can do today.

So, are you ready to vote?  First you need to make sure you are registered.  Don’t wait!!!  Many states have deadlines to register and the last thing you want is to be locked out of casting your vote come Election Day.  You can check out important deadlines at Project Vote Smart.

Next, become educated.  As the debates were going on last night, I was looking on-line for great resources I could point you to and found Project Vote Smart.  I was really impressed!  Not someone who is overly political, I need help becoming educated, I found this site to be a great resource for voters to visit this election season.  A user friendly, bipartisan website, it has a wealth of information on both national and state elections.  You don’t have to have a degree in political science to find the information you need to make educated decisions in November.  Believe me, it is really easy to use, even my Dad can easily navigate the site and email can be a challenge for him.  Sorry Dad, but you have to admit you are very LOW tech.

Unsure who you are voting for? Check out Project Vote Smart’s Vote Easy site.  It is a fun, interactive way to see how candidates best match your views on major issues such as education, marriage, the economy, gun control, the environment, health care and many more key points to November’s election.

So get out, register, become educated and vote.  See you November 6 at the Polls!

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