CrossFit Challenge Update and New Playlist

It has officially been a month since I started my 3-Month CrossFit Challenge and I figured it was time for an update.  I am happy to report the “Challenge” has been going great and I have really enjoyed the workouts.  CrossFit Mamas have been keeping me on my toes.  I have enjoyed the results I’m getting so much I found myself increasing the number of workouts I‘ve been doing from 3 to 4 per week and easily see myself moving into 5 soon.  A few of the reasons I am liking the “Challenge” so much are:

The workouts are short –  my workouts are taking me on average 15 minutes (never more than 20 minutes).  Even I can’t come up with a reason why I can squeeze 15 minutes into my day for a workout.  And although it seems like 15 minutes is not long enough to get results, I have to say I sweat more and am more sore than I was from many hour-long workouts I’ve done in the past.  I always wonder what the receptionist at the gym is thinking when I walk out so soon after my arrival.

They have variety – every morning I never know what I am going to get for my workout selection.  It’s such a mix bag and a little surprise for me every morning. Sometimes it is a good surprise, sometimes not so much (hello the revenge of the Burpee workout, I called it pure hell).  It keeps me engaged and motivated.

Seeing my body change and get stronger – in such a short period of time I have seen my body change, muscles develop and tone as well as my waistline and thighs decrease.  I’ve also noticed how much stronger I have gotten.  My arch nemesis sit ups are becoming easier and my push ups are deepening.  I have lost about 5 lbs as well which is an added bonus.

I am excited to see what the next month of the “Challenge” brings me.  One change up I am adding will be runs in between the workouts.  I just signed my brother and I up for a 4-mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning so I need to start working on that as well.  Might be a bit much to take on but I am up for it.  I hope the strengthening from Cross-fit will help me increase my speed.  I’m a slow runner and would love to shave off a few minutes from my mile so I can keep up with my brother not hanging at the back of the pack!

To keep up the motivation, I felt the need for a new Pump Me Up CrossFit playlist.  Figured I need something a bit fun as well as a bit kick-ass to get my heart pumping for the workouts.  After digging through my ipod, I decided to pull out some old favorites and came up with this list.

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