Party Food and Drink Planning – Just In Time For The Holidays

Hello Friends!  Sorry I was a bit absent last week.  I has been CRAZY!  All great stuff but it has taken me away from you all and bringing you fun tidbits from my adventures in Pinterest.  Things are still crazy (I’m looking forward to some quiet time coming up next week so I can catch up) but I could resist sharing this great resource I found.

One of the biggest challenges I have when planning a party in my home is how much food and alcohol to plan for.  Maybe it is my upbringing!  My mom was a great party planner always throwing amazing parties.  She would cook and prepare for days and there was always so much wonderful food.  So much so, we would usually be eating it as leftovers for days and weeks after – great for my Dad as he hasn’t met a left-over he doesn’t love, but still pretty wasteful.

As I now plan my own parties, I find I have started down the same path as my mom.  So much preparing, cooking, and way too many left-overs.  I have been trying to simplify a bit more and resist the urge to overdo it, but no matter how much I try to simplify my fear of running out or not having enough options still takes over.  So when I came across these charts on Pinterest I thought these might be the answer to help control my over planning and couldn’t resist sharing.

From Chickabug Blog

Party Planning Food Chart

Setting up a bar can also be tricky.  Here is a great chart on bar basics from Clever Parties Blog.

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