What’s In My Make-up Bag?

I love hearing about products people love to use.  Whether they are celebrities, friends, bloggers – it is the way I have found some of my favorite products.  Recently while at a conference, I was asked what eye shadow I was wearing.  I wasn’t to surprised as I actually get asked often about it.  Since Sephora was in the same building as our conference my colleague who asked and I did a quick field trip to the store and I toured her around pointing out some of my favorite products.   And of course I thought, what a perfect blog post so I can share some of my favs with all of you….


Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough – My skin gets really dry in the winter, especially my forehead.  I found this moisturizer to be fantastic to combat against the winter dryness.
Neutrogena Moisturizer with SPF – Simple, inexpensive and does a great job.  I have been wearing this since high school and I attribute the habit as a key to the compliments I get on my skin.
Coconut Oil – I have just started using coconut oil this past year and LOVE it.  I use it as a body moisturizer after my shower and have found it has cleared up some life long skin issues I have had.  I no longer worry about the small patches of excema or KP bumps I have had in the past.  And again, it is very cost effective and easy to find.  I get mine from Whole Foods.
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant – This was recommended to my by a facialist to help clear out dry skin during the winter months.  I now use it daily to keep my skin bright and dry skin free.
Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash – I discovered this on a recent visit to my parents as they had it in her shower.  I love the scent and tingle that gives me a nice wake up in the morning.
Philosophy Purity Facial Wash – For years I just washed my face with Dove soap but in recent years I found my skin has gotten drier so I switched to this mild facial cleaner and adore it.


Stila Eye Shadow – Kitten – I have been wearing this for YEARS.  I find it looks great on everyone and is the perfect base eyeshadow that stands great on it’s own for daytime or can enhance a smoky eye look for night.  I am forever asked what eyeshadow I am wearing.  This is it!
Too Faced – Natural Eye Shadow Collection – I love a great make-up deal.  At $36, I have all the colors I need for both day and night time looks.
Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer – I call this my magic potion.  I don’t tend to like a foundation as I find it to heavy and not really something I need.  However, as I have gotten older I do feel I need something to even out my skin.  This my friends is magic.  It gives you a light evenness of color but best of all is the illuminating principals to it.  It give my skin a youthful, dewiness to my skin that I love and swear by.  No matter how bad you feel you look, a little bit of this moisturizer will immediately brighten your skin and make you feel great.
Nars Blush – Orgasm – This peachy blush looks great on everyone and is my staple go to.
Lip Glosses – These are a few of my favorites I always have in my purse.
Laura Mercier Lip Glace – Cocoa Lait , Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss – Illume, MAC Tinted Lip Glass – Pop Mode
Rose Bud Salve – Got dry lips, this is the best to cure your dry lips.


Bamboo Luminous Shine Conditioner – Recently introduced to my by my hair stylist, this conditioner has really helped to add shine and bounce to my color treated hair.
Bamboo Volume Uplifting Root Blast – I LOVE this stuff.  It adds so much great volume to my fine hair.  It is my style go to.

You will notice I am still missing a few staples on this list.  That is because I still haven’t found my go to yet.  I am in search of a fabulous mascara that adds volume to my lashes and does not end up giving me raccoon eyes throughout the day.  Also, I am looking for a great concealer for those days a need a little more coverage.  Do you have some favorites?  Please share, I would love to try them out.

2 thoughts on “What’s In My Make-up Bag?

  1. My go-to mascara that does not leave smudges under my eyes as the day progresses is DiorShow Iconic Waterproof. None of the other DiorShows work as well for me.

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