CrossFit Challenge Update – Cold Weather Workout Gear

This year my Thanksgiving started off a bit different than in years past.  Usually it’s all about the meal – preparing for it, setting the table, sharing it with family and friends – it’s Thanksgiving, the great day of eating!  Having made the lifestyle changes I have this year, I really wanted to start the day doing something active – so I signed myself and my brother up for a Thanksgiving morning 4-mile race!

It was a great run and a wonderful way to start the holiday.  I felt good about the run and pretty prepared for the course, not because I had trained hard getting in lots of runs or had practiced the route, nope, if anything I spent much less time preparing than I have in the past.  It was my CrossFit program that made me feel ready for the run and what I equate to helping me run at a faster pace.  I felt stronger and more capable and even found myself sprinting up the uphill parts of the course.

With this 90-day CrossFit program, I have been getting some great results – more stamina, muscle definition, and down another pant size (that’s 2 sizes down so far)!  I recently went jean shopping and have to say I was very pleased with the size I was fitting into.  So exciting!  I can’t wait for my new asslicious Hudson jeans to come in just in time for the holiday social season.  I am also looking forward for once not having this be my fate the holiday season.

One thing I realized before my run was that I am not prepared for running outside in the cold.  Most of my workout pants are short – I have short legs so I find knee or ankle length keeps me from tripping over my pants.  I also needed layers knowing I was going to warm up as the run got underway but at the same time didn’t want to freeze at the beginning of the run.  So I reached out to my running friends for some advice on their favorite gear and came up with some of these suggestions.

North Face Stow-n-Go Sports Bra – I so needed this last week.  Maybe if I had purchased one I wouldn’t have lost my debit card on the run.  Thank goodness for the race director who found it and got it back to me before I headed back to MA at the end of the weekend.

Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve – I love the thumb holes – this is a great layering piece.

Athleta Visor Beenie – I like a hat with a visor so I don’t have to mess with sunglasses on a sunny day.  This is a great winter alternative to my go to Red Sox hat.
Nike Element Shield Women’s Running Pants – I am a huge fan of Nike running pants as they fit great and stand the test of time.

North Face ETIP Glove – My little fingers get cold easily so I like a thin glove when I run.  I like these as I can still control my iPod without removing my gloves.

I’m still looking for a great jacket to wear on my runs.  Something warm but light at the same time.  Any suggestions?

Looking for great workout clothing at a bargain?  I am a HUGE fan of shopping at discount stores like Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  I can usually find many great items at deep discounts.  Great way to look great while staying in shape and on budget.

2 thoughts on “CrossFit Challenge Update – Cold Weather Workout Gear

    • Thanks Cafelyon. I so appreciate your feedback and encouragement. I have not spent a lot of time on my blog as of late but am looking forward to getting back to it. Check out my post tomorrow. BTW, this is not a paid post just little old me writing about what interests me and catches my fancy.

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