Introducing 14 Days Of Celebrating

I love to entertain at the holidays.  It is the perfect excuse to catch up with friends and family and enjoy the holiday spirit and the perfect focus to kick off Pin It Blog’s inaugural holiday season.  So for the next 14 days we’ll be celebrating the holidays.  I’ll introduce you to three different theme parties (one per week) and each week day I will share with you my ideas for different party elements – food, drink, decor, entertainment…..

So, to start, ’tis the season to be crafty, and what better way to get the creative juices flowing than by hosting a Holiday Craft Party for your girlfriends.

I love the idea of this party as it is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season and try something new.  Don’t worry my uncrafty friends, I promise to keep it simple as it’s about having fun, laughs and friends, not about how perfect or imperfect your craft is.


(electronic invitation from  Paperless Post)

Make sure to visit Pin It Blog daily to see how the party is coming along.  Tomorrow we will be “Setting The Scene”.

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