Holiday Crafting Party – Setting the Scene

When setting the scene for this party you will want to keep it simple, functional, and fun!  You’re going to be crafting, so decor can be minimal.  The most important thing is that everyone has a place to work.  I like the idea of having a few crafting stations set up.  You can have a table in different rooms with a craft assigned to each room.  Then your group can rotate from room to room to complete their craft.  It keeps the group mingling and interactive.

To decorate the tables – I love the idea of covering each table with brown or white craft paper and then using some crayons color a fun holiday theme scene or write a funny holiday joke or saying. Fun, functional and best of all, economical.

Here are a few other great examples tablescapes for of craft parties – all are tried and true craft paper as their basis.

craftTable2Source:  Classic Play

Craft Monthly Dinner

Source: Invite and Delight



Craft Supplies – Cardboard soda box trays are perfect for this.  If you like, you can take it a step further and wrap them in festive wrapping paper.  Put all the supplies guests will need for each craft in the trays – I like to use plastic cups to organize the supplies within the tray.  Keeps things organized for each group as they come through the different craft stations.


Holiday Cheer – Whether you have your house fully decorated for the holidays or this party is a prelude to your decorating spree, an easy way to add some holiday cheer is to pop in a favorite holiday movie DVD and have it on mute. Then play your favorite holiday tunes as background music.


play list

Now that we have set the scene, it’s time to decide what our crafts will be.  Check back tomorrow for some ideas.

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