Holiday Crafting Party – Get Your Craft On

You can’t have a craft party without crafts.  Now that we have set the scene, it’s time to narrow down and select the crafts for the party.  There are so many adorable and fun crafts on Pinterest I’m having a hard time narrowing down the selection.  I want to pin them all!!!

Seeing this spin out of control quickly, I thought I would focus on three craft stations for the party.  I like variety and I know certain projects will appeal to some but not to others.  I think a selection will keep people entertained and will give them three “gifts” to bring home and enjoy throughout the holiday season.

For our first craft station I want to make an ornament.  I collect ornaments usually picking one up to commemorate special trips or moments in my life.  Putting up the Christmas tree each year is my little trip down memory lane.  So, making an ornament to add to my collection would be a special way to celebrate.

I love this map pine cone.  To make it a bit more special, pick up some maps that represent special places for your guests – their home town, where they honeymooned or got married, the birthplace of their child.

map pinecone

Source: Turtle and Tails

Some other adorable ornament ideas:

CLX120110_051 CLX

Source:  Country Living


Source:  Lowes Creative Ideas

I love a nicely decorated package and one way to customize gifts are with home made gift tags – our second craft station.


Source:  Paper Crave


Source:  Frolic Blog


Source: Warm Hot Chocolate


Source: Get Silver Craft


Source:  Better Homes And Gardens

Rather than assign a theme for the third crafting station, I thought I would just share some great ideas I found.  All would make great projects for any craft party.

rosemary plants



Source:  Martha Stewart


Source:  Give Me Some Style Blog


Source:  Good Housekeeping


Source:  Snap Creativity

Are you as excited to get your holiday craft on as I am?  Check back tomorrow to plan our Holiday Craft Party menu.

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