Glitz & Glamour Cocktail Party – Setting the Scene

I was inspired to plan a Glitz and Glamour Holiday Party by a couple of friends of mine, Tania and Shannon.  Being friends from different social circles, they have never met, but they have similar qualities I love.  Both are compassionate and caring, welcoming and open, all qualities that make amazing hostesses.  Maybe it’s their Canadian roots but both think of the little details that make an evening and guests feel special.

Tania inspired me with the style of the party.  Always posting gorgeous fashion to Pinterest, Tania and I have talked many times about loving an excuse to buy a fun, fancy dress and getting all dolled up.  In today’s world we just don’t have enough of these excuses.  So, in honor of Tania, here’s our excuse.

Shannon is a new friend I have recently made.  It was actually her home that inspired the location for this party.  A lovely apartment in a Boston brownstone, it is glamorous, comfortable, and decorated in a lovely sophisticated neutral pallet -the perfect setting for a Glitz and Glamour Holiday Party.

So with these lovely ladies’ sense of style as inspiration, I did some digging and collected ideas to create our party and set the scene.

Creating a warm welcome from the moment guests arrive at your home can really set the tone.  I love this “Cheer Ahead” sign from Minted.  Placed on a gold frame and hung on a front door, it is the perfect welcome with a hint of the evening ahead.


Candlelight and strings of Christmas lights are an easy way to add a warm glow to your party scene.  And when placed next to glittery objects of gold and silver it automatically brings glamour.  I was drooling over these ideas.clear-bottle-candle-holders-happymundane


IMG_0884 IMG_0961 via: Hayseed Homemaking

It’s not a holiday party without a tree.  These gorgeous tree ideas will add a bit of sparkle to your party and holiday season.

You can’t get anymore sparkly than this glamorous tree from Maison21.

You might remember this tree from yesterday’s post as one of my inspirations.  Love, love, love it.  Traditional and stylish!
xmas 6

What a statement this twist on a traditional tree from Atlanta Home & Lifestyle will make.  Totally gasp worthy!

Don’t have room for a tree but still want to represent.  How cute and adorable is this simple tree mural from Belle the Magazine.  I love the doggie in the tutu although she doesn’t seem to be enjoying it!


I always like to set out a little bud vase in the bathroom during parties.  Here is a great little vase from Michelle Edgemont and HGTV that also adds a bit of sparkle and continues the theme in unexpected places.


Of course a little bling with your food and cocktail service is always important.

bar-menu-l TheEverygirl_Fizz56_cocktail_1

Southern Livings gilded mirror drink menu.  Tablescape from the Every Girl.

Blingy bracelets make great napkin rings.259731103479256699_zWnS74Rd_c

Golds with pops of red and purple ideas from The Cooking Channel.

Glitzy champagne from Style Me Pretty for your cocktail bar.

Now this is the way to serve a dip or sauce!  Glittery teaspoons from Leif Shop.

Lastly, I always like to have little vignettes or centerpieces placed around the party.  Here are a few easy and inexpensive ideas that pack a big punch.
group picture

1. HGTV Mini Tree  2. Ornament Centerpiece  3. Amaryllis  4. Mantal  5. Candy Dish 6. Wreath  7. Birds

We’ve done a nice job setting the scene, it’s going to be a fantastic party.  Tomorrow we’re going to get our outfit ready, as it was the inspiration for the party!  I’m envisioning lots of sparkle and maybe some lace with some splashes of color.

2 thoughts on “Glitz & Glamour Cocktail Party – Setting the Scene

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  2. Pingback: Glitz & Glamour Holiday Cocktail Party – Bedazzled Outfits | Pin It

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