Glitz and Glamour Holiday Cocktail Party – Yummy Tidbit

Happy Friday Everyone!  What better way to end the week than with some yummy tidbits for our Glitz & Glamour Holiday Cocktail Party.

Since this is a party centered on glamour, I love the idea of bagging the pre-set food buffet and instead having a lovely cheese plate out with a few bowls of nuts or bar mix throughout the house.  Then having the rest of my menu selection tray passed.


Spiced Nuts A120914 Food & Wine Bronson Van Wyck Dec 2012

{Sugar and Spice Mixed Nuts}

I love the idea of the interaction of passing a tray.  Walking from guest to guest, offering them some delicious bit and having a little conversation – much nicer than just making a platter and plopping it down on a buffet.  Plus this is a perfect task for others to help with.  Guests always want to help – so they can help by passing a lovely tray!  This also gives them a chance to interact with other guests and meet new people at the party.  If you find you have a few extra dollars toward your party budget, I highly recommend hiring someone who can help with the serving.  This could be a neighbor’s trusted high school or college age child or you can hire a professional from an event staffing agency.  It usually cost about $100 for the evening and is well worth it.  They can help you serve, prep, but best of all, they can help with clean


Wouldn’t you know as I am writing this, Giada happens to be on the Today Show talking about appetizers for a holiday party.  She must be reading my mind and is giving the perfect tip.  She creates her menu by including something warm, something she can make ahead of time, something vegetarian and something from the sea.  Fantastic!  Great way to help focus my selection.  So taking a note from Giada, I am going to do the same.

Something Warm

A little spin on the always popular pigs in a blanket – Hogs In A Blanket

Hogs on a blanket

Prosciutto Wrapped Persimmons – A mix of sweet and salty


Something Made Ahead of Time

Simple, elegant and best of all easy – Apricot with Basil Goat Cheese and Almonds

Stuffed Baguette
 – What a great concept!!


Something Vegetarian

Butternut Squash and Sage Wontons – This sounds so good!

Butternut Squash and Sage Wontons
One of my favorite veggie treats is a good roasted brussel sprout.  These look so yummy and who would have ever thought a brussel sprout could look elegant – Garlic and Herb Stuffed Brussel Sprouts.


Something From the Sea

Pesto Siracha Shrimp & Basil Bruschetta – I’ve had this pinned for a while now, just waiting for the perfect party.  Think this might be it.

Like a stuffed mushroom, but a bit easier to handle with fingers – Mini Crab Spinach and Mushroom Tarts


I also want to add a little sweet bite to the mix.  These Vanilla Panna Cotta are adorable!

Who doesn’t love a little strawberry and chocolate?  This is a cute festive way to display a fun dessert that goes great with champagne – Strawberry Christmas Tree


Hmmm, this all sounds so good, a great cap-off to our Glitz and Glamour Holiday Cocktail Party.  This week we set the scene, shopped for sparkly outfits, stocked the bar and now we have a nice selection of yummy tidbits.  I hope you have found inspiration for your holiday celebrations.  I can’t wait to hear what you liked the best and how you have incorporated some of these ideas.  Happy Holidays!  Enjoy!

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