2013 Goals – Time To Clean This Sh*t Up

One of the best comments I had a friend tell me this past year came from my longtime friend Sara as she was looking for something in my fridge.  When she opened the door she looked at me and said “It amazes me how organized you can be in so many parts of your life and how disorganized you can be in others.”  Yup, that’s right folks!  This was her reaction as she looked in my fridge.  Embarrassed – um yes.  So true – yes again.

Ok, full disclosure here – I know how to be organized and like to be organized but most of the time I am running around with my head cut off; so taking the time to be organized in some parts of my life (i.e. the fridge, my car, my closet, my sock drawer) tends to get tossed to the bottom of my priority list till I just can’t take it anymore.

It’s now 2013 and I am at the breaking point and just can’t take it anymore. So my first goal for the new year is to do some cleaning and get organized. Pinterest is the perfect resource to help me find ideas on how to get organized this year.  Here are some of the favorites I’ve been pinning.  They should really help me achieve my organizational goals.

This is my dream organized fridge.  No more lost condiment bottles in the back of the shelf.  I will finally be able to easily see everything.  Thanks for the bin tip BuzzFedd Shift – genius!!!




My closet needs some serious help.  Since I moved into my apartment I have never properly organized my closet.  It is a challenging space – a nook under the stairs giving it a slanted roof which makes for a lot of wasted space.  It is also dark – no lighting which makes finding things another challenge.  I’m hoping that using this worksheet I found on The Creative Change and a trip to IKEA or Lowes for a closet system will help.


One day I will have my dream closet.  Now this is an organized closet.

Another challenge is that I have downsized from two bedrooms to one. Currently I have all my home office contents in buckets on my bedroom floor.  I have no idea what to do with this stuff and I feel myself on the slippery slope to a hoarder’s episode with pathways to my bed…..


The good news is that I recognize the problem – isn’t that the fist step to recovery?!!  I am thinking a built-in might help solve the problem.  Maybe these customized IKEA Billy Shelves?


As for the sock drawer?  This one will be mine in 2013.


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