It’s Officially An Epidemic

Well it seems the Mayor of Boston has officially declared a flu epidemic.  All I know is that it has taken hold of my body and house and is really screwing with the plans I had this week.  I was hoping it would start subsiding today but nope hasn’t happened yet.  The good news is I was able to sneak out for a few minutes today as I was starting to get a bit stir crazy and I think my sofa now has a permanent indentation of my ass!  Anyway, I did make it out to the good old Stop n’ Shop to stock up on sick supplies and bits of comfort.  I thought it would be an interesting mix to share.  Maybe you are in the same boat as I am and need some comfort as well.


Kleenex!  My nose is raw from the roll of toilet paper I’ve been using since I was out of tissues – hence one of the reasons I was making the trek to the store…..  I found the new Kleenex Cool Touch which is supposed to sooth my sore nose on contact.  Anything is better than the scratchy toilet paper.  I’ll keep you posted.

Ice Cream!  My throat has been on fire and when I saw Slow Churned Mint Cookie ice cream on sale I couldn’t resist.

Bananas and Clementines!  A little potassium and vitamin C to help speed the healing along.


Smart Water!  It’s my fave and is helping me stay hydrated.


Kraft Macaroni n’ Cheese!  Normally you think soup for a cold and I agree but I have been eating soup for the past three days.  Something warm, creamy and comforting was what I needed and nothing says it better than Mac and Cheese.


InStyle and House Beautiful Magazine – the latest editions are on Newsstands now.

jessica-alba-covers-instyle-february-2013 1357223290_house-beautiful-february-2013-uk

Some other items that are helping me get through this flu….

Advil. DayQuil. NyQuil.


My latest Book Club selection.


FB. Pinterest. Various Blogs.


Plenty of fun and mind numbing TV.

The-Lying-Game-Season-2_1356288674 51gSZkXSauL._SX500_

Stay well my friends and take care of yourself…..

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