Golden Globes Recap

Last night was the Golden Globes – the kick-off to the Hollywood award season and the first to many red carpet events to be hosted over the next couple of months.  It’s a chance for celebrities to make a statement, not just by their work but what they wear and of course something for us to all talk about the next day.

I have to admit, last night I was a bit underwhelmed.  There just didn’t seem to be an OMG moment when it came to fashion and I disliked more of the looks then I liked.  Ok, maybe I am coming off a bit rough here and maybe the lingering cough I am still trying to get over made me irritated but still, I was really just blah and I was more than happy to change the channel to Downton Abbey (poor Lady Edith).

After I got over my boredom and the feeling of been there done that (hello Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara and Halle Berry) I did notice one trend making an appearance.  A throw back to old Hollywood style.

Maybe it was all the sleeved dresses we saw, not something you usually see on the red carpet but considering how unseasonably cold it’s been in LA it was a trend of necessity.

Or maybe it was the structured dresses….


It was a retro theme for the evening and having recently been obsessed with retro looks as of late, it is a trend I am glad to know others in the world of style are also grabbing onto.

One thing that did bother me for the evening was very few looks seemed to be complete and all come together.  A lot was the dress not coming together with the hair and/or make-up.  Great dress but the hair and/or make-up choices not fully complimenting the look.  Such as…..

Julianna Margulies looks hot in the dress with the daring open back but the hair was just so severe – dark black with a blunt cut pony extension.  I love the hair up to showcase the back but something less severe might have been nicer and a fresher look for Julianna.


Everyone seemed to love Kate Hudson’s Alexander McQueen dress.  They went on and on about the neck of her dress….I just don’t get how they could comment on it as her hair covered the bead work.  I loved her simple hair but not with this dress.  It covered up the show-stopping collar that should have been showcased.


As always, Anne Hathaway was lovely.  She wears white well and as a new bride it was appropriate.  But was it just me or is something missing.  I do love her new shorter hair but it left something missing between the dress and the hair.  I would love to see a statement necklace with some colored stones to offset the hair and dress.  Something is needed there.

Another miss – great dress Kaley Cuoco but the make-up, ugh, way to severe for the romantic dress.

There were, however, some looks I did really like, it wasn’t all dislike.

Dressing for your age.  How adorable are the kids from Modern Family – cute, stylish, and age appropriate.

And Gabby Douglas – she looked great – an Olympic golden girl! Swift also looked fantastic.  I loved the plum dress and the cut looked fantastic with her height. is it possible Claire Danes just had a baby.  Obviously motherhood is doing her well.

Jessica Alba – WOW!!!  And I am in love with her feather clutch!
Jessica-Alba-in-ODR-2013-Golden-Globe-AwardsOk, I am still not sure how I felt about Jodie Foster’s speech.  Did she come out (although who would have been surprised if she did)?  Did she retire?  It seemed she was all over the place – intelligent and impressive, yes – but still not sure where she was going with her speech.  One thing that can’t be denied is how great she looked.  50 sure is treating Ms. Foster well and she seems to never go wrong with Armani.

Ah, Jennifer Garner – you looked fantastic.  I would love to hate you as you are married to my boyfriend Ben Affleck but you are just so adorable and relatable.  Love it!


And the looks I really did NOT like that left me wondering, what the…….

Seriously Rachel Weiss.  Fire your stylist now and if you don’t have a stylist, time to get one ASAP.  It looks like you had a great cocktail dress and then remembered it was a black tie event.  Let’s just add a bit of extra fabric to the skirt – that will solve the problem.  Ugh!!!  Awful!!!

You know that famous Gone With The Wind skit from the Carol Burnett Show?  Looks like Lisa Liu pulled the drapes down and made herself a dress.  She is so petite and this fabric and cut is just not flattering to her figure.


Kerry Washington – such a disappointment.  I usually love her but this dress and hair is just oh so wrong.  The shortened hem, shear skirt in the front, covered back – it was like a reverse skirt mullet, business in the back, party in the front. The blunt bob haircut aged her.  Ok, can you tell I really did not like it?!

First award ceremony down, looking forward to what the rest of the award season will bring.

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