Dressing For Success – I’m Heading Back To Work

When the software company I was working for closed their Boston office last summer it meant I was out of a job.  Already feeling the need for a change, I took the closing with stride seeing it as a blessing.  Of course I was nervous about how to make ends meet but I also recognized it was a wonderful opportunity to explore a new path in my career.  Working with a great career counselor/personal branding expert, I took time to understand what I liked and didn’t like.  I wanted my next move to be a right move.


I am thrilled to say the time and work paid off.  My work sabbatical is over!  Monday I head back to work starting a new job and beginning a new career as a recruiter specializing in marketing positions.  It’s a charge, but I am confident it is the right new direction.  I am really excited!

Starting work Monday means little time to get my Dress For Success wardrobe together.  I feel like a kid getting ready to go back to school.  I always loved picking out my first day outfit each year.  I felt it set the tone of the year so of course I want the same for my new job.  Since my new office has a bit more formal dress code than offices I have worked for, I am excited to step up my game and get shopping.

After surveying my work closet I have come to the conclusion some great staples are in need.  I shopped Polyvore for inspirational ideas to help me make a work wardrobe splash.

Pencil skirts – They wear great anytime of year and always look professional, stylish and lady like.

Dresses – Dresses are a great one-and-done outfit.  I never understand why people make such a big deal about wearing a dress and find it a hassle.  It’s one garment you have to put on and you have an outfit.  You don’t have to coordinate  tops and pants – it’s all done.  Plus, a good fitting dress can hide more figure flaws then any pants outfit can.  For my new work wardrobe I really want to add a nice peplum dress to my rotation.  Here are some favorites that would work great.

Blouse – Talking about lady like!  Blouses are my new favorite wardrobe item.  I wear them all the time as they are perfect to dress up a great pair of jeans or match with slacks or a skirt for work.

Pants Outfit – Skinny pants or wide legged, both are a must to complete my work closet.  Also, rather just the boring black, gray or tan, some color or pattern would be fun to add.

Casual Outfit – Friday is casual day and I can wear jeans.  Here are some great professional jean work options.

Shoes – I love a great heal and a bit dressier wardrobe means heals are a must.  Since I will be commuting into the city I will be doing more walking than I have in the past.  Those great heals will need to stay in my bag and I will need to stock up on some comfy boots and flats for the walk and weather.

Bag – I gotta have a great bag to schlep my stuff.  These will do!

Jewelry – Every girl needs a little bling to compliment her outfit.  It’s what pulls it all together.  Stella & Dot just came out with a new Spring/Summer line that I am in love with.  Perfect pieces to add a splash of color to my new wardrobe.

I think my closet will be prepared for our first day.  Wish me luck!


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