What’s Your Style??? Take The Test

Defining and explaining your style can be hard for many people.  You know, giving your style elevator pitch.  Are you preppy, a hipster, do your like vintage or are your more into glamour or sophistication?  Many times what you perceive as your style versus what you actually like doesn’t always mesh.


When I start working with a client, decor or weddings, I always like to have them sift through magazines or pin on PINTEREST things they gravitate toward.  I ask them to not over think it and just flag or pin away.  One client I was working with flagged a picture in a magazine as her all time favorite and she wanted to use it as the inspiration for her home decor.  It was very glamorous, blacks, grays, golds and brass colors.  Very modern and sophisticated.  As we started shopping and I started sourcing items I noticed she was not liking anything that was similar to the picture she showed me.  Instead we discovered she hated yellow.  Ok, hating yellow doesn’t really work when the only color in your inspiration is gold/yellow.  After a shopping trip to Home Goods she found a decorative box she fell in love with.  It  had a very global feel, like something that would come from India.  The box was painted in a mixture of purples, red and oranges – fun deep jewel tones.  Seeing her fall in love with this piece I realized the picture was no longer our inspiration.  That was a perception of what she loved and although she might have liked it, was not a realistic inspiration to center her home around.  My client is fun and outgoing and vibrant, just like the box, and her decor needed to reflect that.

So how do you define your style and know it truly reflects you.  It can be a challenge, however I recently came across this great tool to help.  It’s from Home Goods – my favorite place to find great inexpensive items to help decorate my home.  It’s called STYLESCOPE and was designed for Home Goods by designer and TV Host Taniya Nayak (you probably recognize her from HGTV).  It’s a great little quiz tool that will help you express your style.  The best part is once you have defined your style they tell you a bit about it, what items would look good in your home and then give your various resources such as blogs and Pinterest boards you can follow that fit your astetic.  So Fun!


I am Farmhouse Glam with a touch of Boho.  According to STYLESCOPE, “Farmhouse Glam is the delicate, exquisite balance between beautiful femininity and rustic nonchalance. She’s all about the discovery of unexpected sparkle amidst the less polished. She wears high heels and a denim jacket, a string of pearls and bare feet. And her home feels as special as it does comfortable.”  Hmmm, pretty accurate.

Farmhouse Glam

Farmhouse Glam


I have to admit, I was a bit surprised by the splash of Boho.  Not something I would have ever thought but once I read their description it did resonate – “Boho isn’t just carefree. She’s adventurous and passionate, loving color and new and unusual uses for things. She’s into the Revamp, Reuse, and Recycle, and she can’t get enough of foraging for a good deal while mixing and matching silk-and-knit textures and vibrant colors anywhere she can.”  It’s the little splashes of color I always love and like to have in my rooms.




So, what’s your style?  Take the quiz and let me know.

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