A Mailbox Full Of Holiday Greetings

The holiday gift/project I always like to focus on are my holiday cards.  I know people have mixed emotions about them – honestly, so do I.  I am AWFUL at getting birthday cards, thank your cards and sympathy cards out in the mail but I always seem to manage to get my holiday cards out.  It’s become my once a year connection with the people who mean the most to me.  My little holiday gift I hope they enjoy. Plus, in today’s digital age, it is nice to get mail that is not a bill or junk mail and we all know you have to send cards to get cards.

Are you planning on sending cards this year?  What do you love or hate about holiday cards?  For those who do plan on sending a card I thought it might be nice to share some of the sources and ideas I have had through the years.  Maybe they will inspire you if not this year, next.

This was my 2011 card which is one of my favorite.  I had an art student staying with me at the time and he sketched this great drawing of my dog which I scanned and sent to a graphic designer I had found on Etsy – one of the best resources for talented artists.  Jayne was AMAZING to work with and I would highly recommend her.  She was able to put my card together, have them printed and to me in a matter of days.  The best part was it didn’t break the bank for a rush order.

Sammy - Sketch By Jon Nilsen

Sammy – Sketch By Jon Nilsen

Card By October Ink

Card By October Ink

For 2012 I took a new approach.  I had never done an update/letter card before as I don’t have any kids and I felt it would be pretty self-indulgent of me to do so.  A lot had gone on in my life last year and when I came across this annual report card on Minted I decided to try it out.  I like that it is a bit tongue in cheek and not to serious but would share some life updates with family members who would appreciate it.  Seems my gamble worked as I got a lot of great feedback on the card. I have to admit, having this positive feedback is really putting the pressure on for this year.

Card Design From Minted

Card Design From Minted

Prior to getting my dog I made handmade cards.  Now don’t barf and be like whatever, who has time to get all crafty and make cards.  I totally get it.  I didn’t have the time either.  But I really liked the idea of having a homemade card so I became the queen of quick, easy card making.  Paper Source was my go to place for supplies and was a real life saver.  Here’s how to make one of my quick, easy, cost-effective homemade cards.
Holiday CardEasy Instructions:

  • Glue colored business card to the front of a folded card
  • Place sticker on top of the business card
  • Hand write or print a holiday greeting inside
  • Stuff in an envelope, address and mail

Now who looks like a DIY rock star!

If you are someone who has no intention of mailing cards but still wants to give a shout out to friends and family this holiday season, Paperless Posts is a great resource for sending beautiful electronic holiday cards.  You can be Eco-friendly, save money and still have a classy holiday greeting.

Paperless Post

Paperless Post

I am currently working on my 2013 cards and am really excited about them.  They are not yet ready to share but here’s a little preview clue.
2013 Preview

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