Gorgeous Gadgets

Gadgets are always at the top of everyone’s holiday wish list but let’s be honest, they aren’t usually attractive.  Why is it so rare to find function and style?  Here are some fantastic gadget gifts that also break the ugly mold.  Geek Chic!

Remember when speakers used to be as big as furniture?  Now electronics have become smaller and wireless but not as fabulous.  These Bluetooth enabled Dwell Speakers are a sophisticated gift for music lovers who want great sound but don’t want another black plastic box to compete with their chic home decor.

Dwell Studio Bluetooth Speakers

Dwell Studio Bluetooth Speakers

Bring a little nature inside and charge you phone at the same time.  This Drift Wood iPhone Charger is a lovely gift for your favorite nature lover.

Driftwood charger

I seem to always be in search of a USB drive.  I get them and then tend to lose as at the bottom of a bag.  I love this Kate Spade USB key chain – a cute little key chain that will allow me to have that USB drive at my fingertips when I need it.  This is a perfect stocking stuffer (hint, hint Mom) or a great gift for a co-worker.

Kate Spade USB Key Chain

Kate Spade USB Key Chain

The bedside clock seems to have gone by the wayside as most use their cell phones as an alarm clock.  It’s convenient and reliable but it also puts you at risk for those late night early morning text messages and work e-mail notifications.  Wouldn’t this bird clock be a much more stylish and a great excuse to disconnect from your phone nightly.

Bird Clock - MOMA Store

Bird Clock – MOMA Store


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