A Fashion Fix – The Gift Of Fashion Delivered To Your Door

This week I am focusing on gifts that keep on giving all year-long.  Subscription services – the hot new internet services that seem to be popping up daily.  These are a great gift idea because let’s face it, who wouldn’t love a little present in the mail once a month.  I love them because they are personalized to the recipients tastes and are filled with items you can’t easily find in stores.  Yay for supporting smaller businesses!

The best part is how easy they are to give – no shopping, no hassle and perfect as a last minute gift. Guys listen up!  Did you hear what I just said – last minute and no shopping.  Can we say DONE AND DONE!!!


I recently had my friend Alicia over for brunch and made a comment about her outfit. It was a bit different from her usual style and looked great.  This friend and I tend to have pretty similar tastes.  Actually, we’ve shown up wearing almost the exact same outfit one to many times so you can imagine my intrigue with her new little wardrobe spin.  She got her new look from a subscription service called Stitch Fix based out of San Francisco.

I was thrilled to hear this as I have been familiar with Stitch Fix for a while and have been really wanting to sign up.  Another friend Gwen told me about it last Spring when I commented on the fun outfit she wore to Easter.  She is an accountant and was finding her conservative work attire uninspired. Gwen really wanted to mix it up, find something that fit her personality more but also appropriate for her work environment. Having no desire or time to comb racks in the stores or where to begin to add some spice to her wardrobe, she found Stitch Fix and has been a huge fan ever since.

Stitchfix (1)

Who’s It For:  This gift idea is for busy women who don’t have time to shop or just plain hates to shop.  Anyone looking to add a little flip to their wardrobe and is sick of the same old same old.  Or the women who just aren’t sure what best fits their shape and size. So pretty much, all women.

The Stress Of Shopping

The Stress Of Shopping

How it works:  Each month you receive a box from the personal shoppers at Stitch Fix with 5 clothing and accessory items in it that fit your style profile. Each item is sourced according to your fashion goals and cost on average $65 each. You then get to shop the box, see what you like and don’t like and then return the items you don’t want to keep.  You will be charged for the items you do keep minus the $20 monthly styling fee.  Oh ya, the items are discounted at 25% off retail.  How great is that!  Personal shopping and a deal.  The best part is they style for all different sizes and body types – you don’t have to be model thin to take advantage of this service.
Stitchfix how it worksOutfits

How To Wear It - Style Cards

How To Wear It – Style Cards

Do you know of other services like Stitch Fix?  Have you used one of these services before?  Tell me about it.  I would love to hear your experiences and what you liked and didn’t like.


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