Play, Learn and Return – Gifts for Your Kids and Pets

It’s officially two weeks before Christmas and the gift purchasing frenzy is on.   I totally found myself caught up in it this weekend my shift at Pottery Barn Kids (my fun little part-time gig).  I started the day with one item I was going to purchase and by the end I had collected a whole pile.  It was BAD!  I know it and take full responsibility but I couldn’t resisting which means a cute little Munchkin is going to be completely spoiled by Auntie this holiday.  I mean, look at this cutie.  How can I not spoil him?



Being caught up in this toy shopping spree made me remember a Facebook post I recently saw of from an old friend about her search for a toy her young son had on his list.  She commented about stressing over the thought of adding more toys to the pile her son already had cluttering up her home.  I hear this a lot from my parent friends, especially this time of year.  So, for all my friends out there who are tired of the clutter, here is a perfect gift for your young children this Christmas – Spark Box Toys!


Spark Box toys is a subscription service based on the concept of Play, Learn and Return.  I was introduced to it by a friend who was living in a small apartment and found the toys for her young son were getting out of control so she signed up for Spark Box.  She loved that her son got a box of 4 high quality educational toys every 6 weeks but then she was able to return them just about the time he was getting bored – eliminating the accumulation of clutter.


I like the idea that it also taps into kids love for getting something in the mail.  It’s a great way to make them feel special throughout the year without pissing off the parents that they have more stuff to clean up.  If you do decide to sign up for Spark Box Toys this holiday, I noticed they are donating a box to charity for each gift that is purchased.  What a wonderful way to give and give back.

Are you like me and find the kids in your life more the furry kind?  Best Friend Box or Bark Box is a fantastic gift idea for the pet lovers in your life.  It’s a similar concept as Spark Box Toys where your pet will receive a box of goodies monthly in the mail.  You can’t return the goodies like Spark Box, but it is a great concept and a nice way to give back to those little guys who give some much unconditional love year round.

Bark Box

** Gilt City is currently running a special on Bark Box (38% off) till Thursday, December 19

Best Friend Box

Best Friend Box

When they look at you like this, how can you not spoil them.



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