Tipping For The Holidays

The final count-down to Christmas is here which means it is all about the little detail and last-minute gifts.  This includes not forgetting those people who help you throughout the year – the house cleaner, dog walker and groomer, my manicurist that keeps my nails looking pretty.  I have a lot of great service providers I rely that I can’t forget to acknowledge but always wonder, what is appropriate to give.  Is it a cash tip, gift, both.  So confusing!  The last thing I want to do is offend but I also know I am on a budget and this could add up.

Holiday Tipping

Holiday Tipping

Luckily my friend recently posted on Facebook an article from Emily Post that covers this exact issue.  I found it VERY helpful and a huge relief for a lot of my stress.  Hope you find it as helpful as I did.

Tips and notes from Emily Post to keep in mind as you plan your gifts:

  • First and foremost, you shouldn’t feel obligated to go beyond your personal budget.  If your budget does not allow for tips, consider homemade gifts; and if you’re not good with crafts or in the kitchen, remember that words are always a great way to express your thanks for a year of good service.
  • Any gift or tip should always be accompanied by a short handwritten note of appreciation. (Two or three sentences will be enough.)
  • Do you already tip regularly? If you tip at the time of service, you may forego an end of the year tip, or give a more modest holiday thank you. You may also choose to give a small gift instead.
  • The quality and frequency of the service you receive.
  • Your relationship with the service provider.
  • Length of service: The number of years you’ve been using the service.
  • When in doubt, ask: Call the front desk and ask what is 1) accepted by the company, and 2) typical for what they see from other customers.
  • Common sense, specific circumstances and holiday spirit should always be your guide.
  • Don’t buy into the thought that if you don’t tip you won’t get good service for the coming year. If you think you’ve had bad service for this reason, you might want to consider changing companies or speaking directly with a manager.

12.18.13 Holiday Tipping

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