Pin It Blog – I liked it so I put a pin on it! These are my adventures in Pinterest.  Each week I will choose pins from Pinterest to focus on. From fashion and entertaining to DIY home projects and the latest workout craze. Join me on my adventure to see how these pins translate to real life.

river shotABOUT THE BLOGGER:  My name is Danielle Bourke and I am thrilled to bring you “Pin It – My   Adventures in Pinterest”.  Living in the Boston area, I am the owner of Full Circle Events – a small event marketing management company specializing in corporate events.  When not wrangling event details, you can find me working on new projects for my home, trying a recipe for a dinner party or exploring a new city or town.  Pin It is a melding of my personal and professional passions.

When I got my first invitation to Pinterest I ignored it like many things that come across my in-box thinking it was along the lines of Farmville, Words With Friends – meaning just not my thing.  While at a cocktail party last summer, Pinterest seemed to be a big topic of conversation with a group of stylish young ladies I met that evening.  Right then and there I needed to be like the cool kids and decided I must check this thing out.

God help me, I was in trouble.  It was love at first site!  I have always been somewhat of a Lifestyle Whore!  I love all things having to do with lifestyle – DIY projects, Fashion, Cooking, Entertaining, Home Decor, Crafts.  Just call me Martha!!  Nothing gets me more pumped than a new project and here I had just found a whole website filled with amazing ideas and projects that I could use to create my own reference library.  COME TO MAMMA!!!  I’d just found my new best friend and her name was Pinterest.

This past year Pinterest has been my constant companion.  Pinning became a new favorite pastime.  Need a break from a stressful day at work, Pinterest.  Gift ideas at the holidays, Pinterest.  What to bring to a pot luck, Pinterest.  How to paint those flea market chairs, Pinterest.  Need to update my hairstyle, Pinterest.  New workout, Pinterest.  It has seeped into all corners of my life and I am all the better for it.

Recently I decided it was time to write a blog.  I have often been encouraged by friends to start something to share my projects and ideas.  Having some free time on my hands now (being laid-off has some perks) and having Pinterest already a central part of my life, I thought what better topic to focus on.  I love doing projects and trying new things and the main resource for me is Pinterest, so why not write about my adventures.

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