14 Days of Celebrating: New Year’s Fondue & Games Night

Merry Belated Christmas everyone!  I hope you had a very happy holiday full of family, love and fun celebrations.

I had a wonderful white Christmas celebrating with my family in Buffalo.  It was my nephew’s first Christmas which made it very special.  You only get one first Christmas and children really do add a special magic to Christmas.


As I am thinking about my final installation of 14 Days of Celebrating, I look back on our family New Year tradition and how we celebrated growing up.  It was always a family evening in our home.  My parents met on New Year’s Eve, on a blind date, so it was always a special evening for them.  Yup, seems blind dates can work out – my parents are proof having been married almost 40 years.


They liked to celebrate at home and created our family tradition of an evening filled with fondue and board games.   So at home we celebrated together as a family and a tradition was born.  The evening was always fun, full of laughs – something we looked forward to year after year.

With our family tradition as a basis, I am going to plan a fun fondue and game night as our final holiday celebration.

Join me as I share my family tradition and plan a fun low key end-of-the-year celebration.  Be sure to check back tomorrow as I plan our menu.

3 thoughts on “14 Days of Celebrating: New Year’s Fondue & Games Night

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